Cotton Period Panties

Menstrual High Waist Period Panty

The biggest problem with girls is period rashes which are caused by sanitary pads. Most women don't even have the proper knowledge about menstruation and that's why some of them buy the wrong size of pads, which leads to rashes, inflammation, and swelling between their thighs. The hard edges of sanitary napkins cause a noticeable drawback and wearing them for a long time causes skin irritation and this can turn into a life risk factor for the girls. The part between the thighs always stays covered thus it will be easier for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow on the wounded area and by the time that particular part will start getting infected. Sounds so horrible! Isn't it? So to make your life a little easier Hyundies have created the world's first full-day protection period underwear. Read below to know its top three benefits.

Cotton Period Panties will Save Your Money

This better alternative to sanitary napkins will save you money. Most teenage girls are not able to afford sanitary pads every month so they start taking pieces of clothes during that time of the month. Say a big No to clothes or handkerchiefs as they can also cause vaginal infections. Rather you can invest in a pair of cotton period panties and use them throughout the day. Whenever you feel like it is wet enough you can just change that and wear the other one. Hyundies period panties are made from good quality and soft cotton and they will last for years and that's how you can save a lot of money.

Cotton Period Panties will give you 24hrs Protection

Cotton period panties will provide you with a comfortable and hassle-free experience and they will also give you 24hrs protection. The design of the panties is made specifically to hold the blood within the panty it doesn't allow the blood to leak out during any kind of physical activity. No matter where you go or what you do, these panties will give you a full day leakproof experience which you can not expect from an ordinary pad.

Period Panties are Washable

The foremost advantage of wearing a cotton period panty is that you can wash them. Thanks to numerous absorptive coatings of cloth that make them up, menstrual panties can be rinsed and reused as multiple times as you want. These pants are also eco-friendly because you don't have to dump them, you can just use them, wash them and reuse them and this cycle will last for years. The high quality of the Hyundies period panties is unbeatable and that's why these panties are in the No.1 category.

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