Why choose period panties?

Why choose period panties?


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Life is made easier and more comfortable for girls of all ages with these period panties. Whether you like them for sports or feeling comfortable when working around the house, these panties are a must-have. Great for travel and light exercise, you can wear them comfortably on the go.


 With these period panties from hyundies.com you are always prepared for your monthly visitor! The discreet, breathable and disposable underwear is a must-have for women who do not want to worry about their monthly cycle while working out or traveling. There is no need to change your normal underwear or sanitary pad during the time anymore, as these panties are specially designed to absorb menstrual fluid and keep you comfortable.


 With our organic cotton period panties, you'll feel like a million bucks. We designed them with you in mind, so that you can feel comfortable and confident all day long. With its no-show fit, these will be your go-to undies during that time of the month.


Our period panties work with your menstrual cycle to help you feel more comfortable, whether you're on the go or at home.

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