What are Period Panties and How Period Underwear works.

What are Period Panties and How Period Underwear works.

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What is Menstrual period panties?

  Period underwear are undergarments intended for you to wear during your menstrual period to replace disposable protection products like tampons or pads. Although some women prefer to rely on period underwear only during lighter flow days, using them as backup during heavier flow days. Constructed to look and feel like regular underwear (i.e. not bulky), period panties are made with extra layers and special fabrics in the crotch area to absorb menstrual blood. Wash them, re-wear them, and wash them again — these are a reusable option all cycle long.


The function of period panties

  • Period underwear is reusable, machine-washable, and can last up to 2 years when cared for properly.
  • Unlike traditional underwear, periodunderwear uses fabric technology to increase absorbency and prevent leakage.
  • Period underwear can be used in combination with other menstrual products for full period protection.


How period underwear works

    While period underwear can look like traditional underwear, the difference lies in the fabric. Period underwear uses extra layers of microfiber polyester that absorbs blood and prevents moisture from making contact with your skin and vagina or leaking onto your clothes. Much like other types of menstrual products, there's different period underwear available based on the heaviness of your flow.

    Fabric technology varies across many brands but essentially focuses on absorbing fluids, preventing leaks, and moving moisture away from the skin.

    Due to its fabric technology, period underwear is a reusable product. Most underwear is machine washable, but Sparks recommends rinsing the blood out with cold water first before placing it in with the rest of the laundry. Alternatively, you can also hand wash period underwear in cold water then hang it to dry.

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Christana Hall

I want to try these period panties but I’m a little confused 😕 because what are you supposed to do just wear same ones alll day long every day I mean kinda nasty don’t you think plus with prices of almost all of them different brands or not how can some women afford to buy more than one or two pairs then when you only have one or two pairs what are you to do when they are wet you have to wash them every night in my view so well you still need your tampon and disposal pads so what is the point for women like me who can’t afford enough pairs to get more than a day out of them really.

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