How to Wash & Care Your Period Underwear

How to Wash & Care Your Period Underwear


How to Hand Wash Period Underwear: 

panties for menstruation

The best thing to do to care for your period underwear is to rinse them out right after use. Whether you plan to hand wash only, or pop them into the machine, start here.

1. Flush out the flow into the sink with running water. (You may be surprised just how much blood a pair panty can hold – especially the “super” level of absorbancy!)
2. Gently squeeze the panty to help the material release everything.
3. Use a dab of lingerie wash (NEVER fabric softener) to wash anything that is left over. I suggest Soak, which is meant to protect delicate fibers, like elastic.
4. Rinse and rub and rinse again!
5. Once the water runs clear, press your undies in a towel to drain the absorbent material of excess water.
6. Hang to dry in a well ventilated area.

How to Machine Wash Period Underwear:

If you are someone who is in a rush to wash your period underwear you can machine wash them as well! Note: If you used your underwear on a heavy flow day, I highly recommend rinsing them out first. If it was on a tail end or just-in-case day, no need to rinse first.

1. Put them in your washing machine with your other laundry, no need to separate them!
2. Wash your load of laundry in cold water.
3. DO NOT bleach your period underwear or use fabric softener.
4. Take them out of the load of laundry and hang them up to dry! Do NOT put them into the dryer.

No matter which way you choose to wash your period underwear, by following these steps you’ll help your period underwear maintain its shape and last longer. Hurray!

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