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  • Wear for up to 24 hours

  • Washable & reusable

  • Odor-free material

HYUNDIES Period Underwear is a Life Changer for Every Woman

The World's 1st Full Day Protection Period Underwear

Save Money

Instantly save you money that you spend on disposable sanitary pads every month

24Hr Protection

Full Day leak-proof that gives you hassle-free protection day and night 

Super Absorbency

Holds up to 3 tampons, absorbs up to 20ml blood, pee, or sweat. No other product can do this


Hand-wash, machine-wash friendly, easy to maintain and clean to use every month

How It Works for You

Our panties use state-of-the-art technology inside our 4 layers of fabric for ultimate comfort & protection.

1st Layer: Absorbs Moisture

A super-fine middle layer absorbs your flow all day, all night, whenever you're wearing (95% cotton, 5 lycra)

2nd Layer: Moisture Wicking & Odor Neutralizing

This layer banishes  odor for endless freshness and keeps you dry (56% bamboo fibre, 24% cotton, 20% polyester)

3rd Layer: Keeps Leaks At Bay

The inner layer helps protect you from unwanted leaks, letting you go about your business (100% TPU)

4th Layer: Outer Shell

Soft fabrics (95% bamboo fibre, 5% lycra)

Why HYUNDIES Period Panty

Eco-Friendly & Save Money

If you are the one who often don't know when your period is gonna show up and if you would like to save money on your last days when the flow is not so big ,you definitely need this panty 

Keeps You Clean & Dry

With clever design from top back waist to top front waist , it will keep you clean, dry and comfy all day and provide that extra protection and support overnight. This style is a must for those in serious pelvic floor training or for overnight protection from periods to keep your sheets stain free!

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Menstrual Period Panty

Different Absorbency Levels

Each period panty model can be made into different absorbency levels, great period panties for women and incontinence sufferers. Women with medium or even big flow will not need to use pads during their period. Disposable sanitary pads are not recommended by doctors when there's a better option like this period panty.

Different Styles

3x Absorbency Levels

Level 1: Light Absorbency

Level 2: Moderate to Heavy Absorbency

Level 3: Heavy to Super Heavy Absorbency

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What Our Customers Say About Us?

Customer Testimonials

These are the best period underwear! I've been on my first round of a menstrual cycle for about a month and I was looking for something to manage my period, and these are it. They're comfortable and leak-proof, the fabric is breathable, and the size fits well. I would recommend this product to any woman who is looking for reliable period underwear.

Daniel Blunt, MD, MPH

I have been struggling with my periods for the last few years and it all changed when I started wearing HYUNDIES period underwear. They are so comfortable, and there is no worry about leakage. I can wear them on days I do heavy activities like weight lifting or biking and not worry about the likelihood of blood stains. Plus, they come in so many different colors!

Kate Field

I've been looking for the perfect period underwear for years. I tried all the different brands, but nothing was right. When I first heard of HYUNDIES Period Underwear, I was so excited to give it a go as it seemed like it could be different. It's actually been amazing - way more comfortable than any other pair of underwear.

Amy Swift, MD

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