Plus Size Period Panties

3 Major Questions Frequently Asked By Consumers

 Period panties

Anyone who has ever undergone menses knows a different type of anxiety: watching a rude blot on your white mattress blankets when you wake up in the morning — or terrible, on the backside of your pants. 

Especially if you have a heavy release, sanitary napkins and tampons periodically aren't satisfactory to beat back leaks during menses, which is why period undergarments have reaped a considerable clasp in recent years. 

With sponging ability, period undergarments support beating back ruddy dots, and you can put them on as it is or with a napkin for the heavy flow days.

How Do Period Panties Work?

The menstrual panties are created utilizing 5 tiers of protection that can soak period fluid worth 1-3 napkins- a smudge protected sheet is encompassed to prevent any red spots, a moisture barrier or wall covering, an anti-stain sheet, an anti-leak covering, and an antibacterial sheet to protect you and to make you relaxed for a long day.

Are Plus-Size Period Panties Also Available?

No matter what size you are looking for, period panties come in stretchable sizes. Even plus-size period panties are also available at Hyundies. 

Many girls and women don't feel confident about their body sizes and step back from enjoying a hassle-free period experience, not anymore! 

The period panties of Hyundies have been made with high-quality elastic which can fit any size from minus to plus, every woman can fit into it irrespective of their body size.

Can Period Panties Cause Disease Down There?

According to many doctors, unless you have sensitive skin to the particular fabric the underclothes is made out of, diseases shouldn't occur. 

As a refresher, period undergarments are mainly formulated to soak up blood and period sap and prevent flowing out of the pants, identical to a sanitary napkin.