Why choose period panties?


Don't let your period put a damper on your everyday activities. Period panties are here to keep you comfortable all month long.

The Reason Why do Women Wear Panties?


period panties  We all wear underwear, but have you ever thought to yourself, what is the purpose of panties? I mean, why do women wear panties? There are many reasons why women prefer to wear panties but the main reason to protect their private part. Let’s explore in detail why...

What kind of Panties Are good for Women?


period underwear When you're choosing underwear, style shouldn't be your only concern. Some types of panties are just plain better for you than others, and it largely depends on the circumstances in which you're wearing them. By planning ahead, you can ensure that you wear panties that don't leave you...

Why Wearing Beautiful Underwear Can Be Good For Your Mental Health


It’s no secret that lingerie can be sexually appealing and have an effect on romantic partners, sometimes even more so than being naked. Studies have suggested that male rats may be conditioned to find female rats in tiny jackets more desirable than those without them ― leading neuroscientists to draw...