Why we using Period Underwear to replace disposable tampons and pads.

Why we using Period Underwear to replace disposable tampons and pads.


Advantages of Using Period Panties:

  • Comfortable and easy to use --Compared with menstrual cups and pads, period underwear is the most fuss-free and straightforward option. Super easy to use, no skills required, and there’s nothing to go wrong.


  • Saving money -- Reusable menstrual products are much cheaper over their lifetime than buying disposable products every month. For extra savings, I like that period underwear is a 2-in-1 option – a period product and one underwear. With pads and cups you still need to provide your own underwear.


  • Can absorb more-- The period panties can absorb more flows than the regular panties can. It is said that they can absorb ten times more than the regular menstrual cups or tampons. This makes it more effective and easy for the women. This protection helps you stay on for a longer duration. It is a uniquely designed pantie pad.


  • Good for the environment -- Because you’re not using tampons, or if you’re using less tampons, reusable period underwear is very eco-friendly!


  • Fights odour-- The period panties come with an advanced technology, which will help fight the bad smell that comes with a period. Generally, the pads come with technologies that tend to prevent the smell from going out. So, with free bleeding, you save yourself the embarrassment that comes with the smell. This is definitely beneficial.


  • Good choice for traveling-- If you are traveling, then the period panties are easier for the menstruation. It is convenient, easy and comfortable. It allows you to bleed freely, and you don’t need to worry about changing it every other hour. The period panties are a definite boon for traveling women.


  • Pad stays in place ---The built-in pads with period panties stay in place and don’t get disturbed even when you move a lot. This is not the case with the regular tampons or menstruation cups. This is why these pads are convenient and easy for the women. 

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