The Reason Why do Women Wear Panties?

The Reason Why do Women Wear Panties?


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We all wear underwear, but have you ever thought to yourself, what is the purpose of panties? I mean, why do women wear panties?

There are many reasons why women prefer to wear panties but the main reason to protect their private part.

Let’s explore in detail why women like to wear undies:


1.Panties Keep Vagina Cool & Dry


Most of the women face vagina sweat issues especially during summer and gym workouts. The genitals become very moist. Panties will help keep us dry down there so that we avoid embarrassing wet stains.

Vagina needs to breathe!!!  

So, opt for breathable underwear such as hemp underwear, organic cotton underwear, linen underwear, and other natural fabric underwear will help keep us as dry as possible down there.


2. Provides Great Comfort


Panties fabric is generally soft. So, it provides great comfort for women genital.

Some feel wearing underwear is more comfortable than going commando. If you want true comfort from your underwear, always opt for comfortable and natural fabric underwears like hemp, linen, and organic cotton.


3. Avoid exposing your privates


Panties under the short dress will make a woman sit in her comfortable poster. Choose the right colour panties if you are wearing light and transparent dress.

You do not want to accidentally expose your pussy to the people around you, do you? Imagine you are wearing a skirt and a strong wind blows your skirt up. How embarrassing would that be?

In short, Panties protect you from accidentally flashing the people around you.


4. Camel toe


Camel toe commonly occurs as a result of wearing tight-fitting clothes, such as leggings, shorts, hot pants or swimwear.

So, how to prevent camel toe? Wearing Panties will help women to avoid such an embarrassing moment.


 5. Feel Sexy


Panties like thongs, G strings and many more also adorn the body with its beautifully designed and snugly fabric. Little cute bows, pearl strands or rhinestones never fail to make you look sexier than you are.

Besides, adding these onto our body for any special night is always healthy to move for a naughty moment and see him struggle to unleash you and be even more intrigued.


6. Provides Protection


Our privates are delicate and need protection, that is a fact. One common problem that occurs a lot if you are overweight or exercise a lot is chafing.

Likewise, women should wear a proper sports bra during workouts to prevent breast tissue damage.

When this happens too often it can get quite annoying and irritating. Panties or Underwear can provide protect from Chafing.


7.Helps to Maintain Hygiene


Wearing underwear is hygienic and it is always important to have good hygiene. Imagine dirtying your outer garments with your urine and faeces. Or having moisture build up around your genitals and letting it just sit there and build. This just isn’t hygienic.

Wearing Panties is better hygiene and opting for breathable underwears like a hemp bikini makes you even more hygienic.


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