How to use Period Underwear and How to care?

How to use Period Underwear and How to care?


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Can I wear my period panties for 24 hours?
It is possible to wear your panties for 24 hours, depending on how light or heavy your flow is. However, when blood is exposed to air for any length of time, it can start to grow bacteria. In turn, bacteria will cause a foul odor. If your period is moderate to heavy, you may consider changing your period panties more frequently, to avoid overflow or compression leaks.
How to care for period underwear?
Step 1: Soak
After you remove your period panties, drop them in cold water to soak or rinse them.
Step 2: Wash
If machine washing, first place them in a washable mesh bag and wash on the delicate or gentle cycle. To make your underwear last, can consider hand-washing with a mild detergent.
Step 3: Dry
Do not put in dryer. Instead, lay underwear flat or hang dry to help maintain the fabric's integrity.
Step 4: Treat
Worried about stains or lingering smells? Period undies are designed to be stain-resistant and shouldn’t retain a scent if cared for properly, but you can soak them in vinegar/water mixture prior to laundering, too.

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